Easy Ebike Solution

GOSPADE Ebike system is specially designed to be installed onto almost every normal bikes with 68 or 73mm wide bottom bracket which are city and urban bikes, trekking bikes cross country bikes and folding bikes. This universal ebike system can convert your normal bike into ebike only in a matter of 15 minutes or let say a time of cup of coffee. 

Mode No.:                              YLCM-02

Rated Voltage(DCV) :            36

Rated power(W) :                  250

Max Torque(N.m) :                 80       

Chainwheel & Crank

Chainwheel 44T Single Chain W/Protector

Chainwheel Narrow and Wide 38T  

Crank 170mm

7 Different Displayer

3 Power Output Levels

Extension Wire

5 Core Water Proof cable


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Battery Capacity:      8.7Ah / 10.5Ah

Cell Brand:                SAMSUNG

BMS:                         Smart BMS


EURO Std. 2A Charger

Speed Sensor

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